A Stitch in Time

Every event in life is a stitch that manages to create a new piece. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes sad, but all equally valuable pieces that help to portray who we are. I would like to take you on an ongoing journey that started in one of the most war-torn countries in the world; Iraq. Like anyContinue reading “A Stitch in Time”

Fashion Show

Now you are thinking: War and fashion show? Yes, exactly! War and Fashion Show. The deadliest bomb attack in Baghdad, happened on July 3, 2016, in one of the most famous neighbourhoods of Al-Karaddah. The bomb killed about 292 civilians and injured more than 200. The attack was carried out by the so-called Islamic StateContinue reading “Fashion Show”


In order to understand the cause of a conflict, looking into its roots is a must. One of the theories that talks about this is the sense of social, or ethnic belonging. I am going to try and place this theory in the context of the Iraqi conflict and look at how people dress aContinue reading “Belonging”