A Stitch in Time

Every event in life is a stitch that manages to create a new piece. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes sad, but all equally valuable pieces that help to portray who we are. I would like to take you on an ongoing journey that started in one of the most war-torn countries in the world; Iraq. Like any place in the world, people there have dreams, fascinations, and aspirations, but are bound to the cards they are dealt.

This was no different in my family. In order to get dressed-up like TV stars and movie actors, my aunt used to copy their dresses at home. My mom stepped it up a notch and even sewed our underwear and pajamas, coming up with her own designs as she found new fabrics in the Bazars. Living in London gave me the opportunity to reflect back on my past and help me understand the inception of my fascination with fashion. It helps me understand and appreciate the wealth of inspiration my heritage gives me. This journey to the past is defining who I am now, but simultaneously guides my future decisions.

My current wardrobe, and even borrowing pieces from friends is how I dress up now, nothing complicated really. This simple yet expressive way of styling is what used to draw the attention and gain the trust of my friends. Back in Erbil, when I was a student at University, my friends would ask me to join them to choose their outfits. I remember my friend Ali, who got engaged shortly after Uni, that asked me (or actually let me!) to find the perfect suit and tie to wow his future wife. The holiday of Eid used to be the most hectic for me, a time when everyone goes out to buy new outfits and try to distinguish themselves amongst the crowd.

Helping express others through fashion is what I’ve always done as something innate and natural to do. Hearing personal stories and understanding the different personalities is what forms the basis for me to help anyone express their self. Attending fashion shows, modeling for photographers, or styling models for shoots, all these experiences throughout my professional life have reinforced my belief that personality is at the core of what we do with fashion. I am excited to work with people and contribute with my understanding and personality to fashion anywhere.

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